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Through guided conscious breathing techniques, we teach your people how to boost their immune system and maintain a high level of mental well-being, the most basic foundations for your people to realize their full potential.

Breathwork is probably the most powerful tool we have in our toolbox for life. What has been known for centuries in several ancient cultures around the world, has now also been proven scientifically. You can consciously influence and steer your physiology and emotional state by altering your breathing patterns. 


Viruses and bacteria are part of our daily lives and always will be. The best protection against harmful viruses comes from within us, from our innate and adaptive immune systems. It truly is a masterpiece of "Bio-technology", we just forgot how to activate and use its full potential. Conscious breathwork has proven to be very effective doing just that.

We teach your people several breathing techniques designed to optimize the biochemical balance of their body and improve their heart coherence. Most viruses and bacteria need an acid environment to propagate fast and effectively. Certain breathing techniques change blood PH levels instantly, from an acid to a more alkaline state. These techniques also increase the level of white blood cells (leukocytes), the soldiers in your blood. With all these effects, you help your immune system to fight off foreign invaders more effectively.


Before or after an intense working day it is crucial to re-balance the nervous system again. Eliminate anxiety in the morning before an important meeting or disconnect from the stress and tension build-up at the end of the day.

During the working day most of your people operate in a light or moderate state of stress, also called the sympathetic mode of the nervous system. It is an important mode, since it puts people in motion and fuels activity. Without this state, nothing would happen in life. However, too deep in this state can cause anxiety and thus loss of performance before important events. But equally important, staying for long periods of time in this “active” mode will seriously affect the physical & mental well-being as well as the performance levels of your people in the long run.

Our guided breathwork sessions put people in a deep state of relaxation, activating the “rest & digest” mode, also known as the parasympathetic state of the nervous system. People tell us, it feels like a reset of the body and mind. And that is exactly the objective of these breathing sessions, balancing both the sympathetic and parasympathetic modes of the nervous system.


We will facilitate either "on-site" or through "video-conference", a series of guided breathwork sessions. Your people will perform and learn these enhancing breathing techniques under our supervision. We explain what happens on a biochemical level and teach them how to integrate these techniques in their own daily routines.

Please contact us for prices, to book a session for your company or to discuss the possibilities of our tailor-made Breathe @Work program.