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Our services for companies

The best business investments are those directly done in your people.

Investing in the development and wellbeing of your people is investing in the future performance of your business.

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We facilitate guided breathwork sessions "on-site" or through "video-conference". Your people will perform and learn these enhanced breathing techniques under our supervision.

These scientifically proven techniques are designed to optimize the biochemical balance of the body, improve heart coherence and re-balance the nervous system again. Resulting in an improved immune system and the elimination of stress and tension  build-up throughout the day.



It is unnecessary to explain that collaboration and teamwork are key foundations for corporate success. But we also know how difficult it is to forge performant teams, getting people to trust each other and inspire collaboration in an effective matter.

Especially now after such a long time of homeworking, bonding among colleagues is easily lost.

Our Tribe-building events are designed bring this bonding back by building on the innate capabilities of people to create strong group connections. Studies have shown that shared hardship and challenges release oxytocin, the chemical responsible for creating those magical bonds between people.

Our events are not only a lot of fun, but also focus on just that, releasing the chemicals that forge strong teams.



You have been shaped by your life experiences, your successes and setbacks. You know that you are good at what you do, otherwise you would not be where you are now. Yet sometimes you do not achieve your goals, you run into problems, your feel resistance. Your progression slows down and in result pleasure and energy diminish.

The majority of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior originate in our subconscious mind. Our Level-Up coaching program focuses on detecting what is currently preventing you from achieving your goals and on installing new supportive programs on a subconscious level.

Expect a complete new way of corporate coaching, of being challenged and surprised during our coaching sessions.

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