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The best investments are those in yourself. Unleash your inner powers.

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As Wim Hof Instructors, we organise workshops to help you to balance your nervous system and to improve your immune system. In other words we teach you how you can influence your mental and physical health by applying this simple and costless method.

The Wim Hof Method has been scientifically proven by numerous researches since 2011.

Our next workshops


Expect a new way of being coached !

Our “Level-Up” program helps you to free / unlock your potential at the subconscious level, to work on skills you would like to strengthen, and to put it into practice.

This program is a lot appreciated by (professional) athletes but also any one who would like to bring their career to the next level !

PSYCH-K ® Private Session

PSYCH-K® is an effective way to quickly and easily change subconscious perceptions and beliefs that may be sabotaging your goals in life.
It is a simple and a quick process to help you to reach the life You want in terms of self-love, confidence, relationships, abundance, health, releasing stress and traumas... and much more



You want to offer an unforgettable experience ? We provide gift vouchers for our Wim Hof Method Fundamentals workshops.

Our gift vouchers are applicable for our group workshops and private workshops.

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