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We focus on the base foundation.

Sustainable performance and good leadership start with high energy, confidence, a sharp mind and emotional stability.

Some of the companies that trust us

Solutions for

Talent & Leadership programs

Fundamentals Training

During a 4 hours group training you will discover the powerful techniques to influence your nervous system. You will experience that you are much stronger than you think.

- Improving ability to deal with stress

- Increasing energy levels

- Improving concentration



Ice-for-Leaders Training

Our Ice for Leaders training consists in re-thinking your current paradigm on how to deal with the unexpected and high pressure. A day in which you will level-up!

We will help you understand your current reaction triggers. Do you fight? Do you ignore? Do you overcontrol? Or do you freeze? You will learn how to profoundly and truly cope with discomfort, fear and stress. No acting! Experience your innate capabilities to stay truly stable and inspire confidence in chaos.

Training program

A unique transformational 8 weeks training module. 


During 2 hours per week, your leaders will build their own solid and stable foundation by implementing powerful routines and techniques in their daily lives. These techniques will boost energy levels, sharpen the mind, bring emotional stability and build a challenge mindset. Companies like PWC Luxembourg and Enovos already experienced the powerful impact of this program.



Travel experience

Treat your team to an incredible bonding experience. You will spent 3 days in nature, to re-discover your innate capabilities and those of your colleagues.

Under the supervision of our highly experienced guides and instructors you will get a true taste of adventure.

This journey is all about connection and feedback; with yourself, with the people around you and with the beautiful forces of nature.

Solutions for

Health & Well-being programs


Breathing incorrectly during the day is one of the main causes for energy loss and difficulties to focus and concentrate and therefore driving unnecessary productivity loss.

Offer your employees the knowledge to breathe for more energy. A module that can easily be integrated in your Health & Well-Being program. What has been known for centuries in several ancient cultures around the world is now also scientifically proven. You can consciously influence your physiology and mental state by altering your breathing patterns.

We give guided breathing sessions "on site" and/or by "videoconference". Your employees will perform and learn these enhanced breathing protocols under our supervision. Sessions can vary from 30min to 1hr.


2 hours

Wim Hof Method event

A short stress management module that can easily be integrated in your current programs or for a specific event.

During 2 hours your employees will get a taste of the Wim Hof Method. This session is not only theoretical but mostly practical. Your employees will be able to experience some of the method through various exercises such as a guided breathing session, learning a couple of effective breathing protocols and a mini exposure to the cold (hands in the ice).

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