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You have been shaped by your life experiences, by your successes and setbacks. You know that you are good at what you do, otherwise you would not be where you are now. Yet sometimes you do not achieve your goals, you run into problems, your feel resistance. Your progression slows down and in result pleasure and energy diminish. Realize that problems or resistance is often just the result of wrong behavior. You let yourself lead by unwanted reactions and emotions. Of old patterns that might have worked in the past but are not effective anymore for reaching your current goals.

Neuroscience taught us that 95% of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior originate in our subconscious mind. These subconscious processes create beliefs that dictate the limits of what we can achieve. You can literally become trapped in a mind of limiting beliefs.

New knowledge about the mind and brain, brings us new insights and solutions, those solutions are based on;

- Subconscious programming

- The whole-brain state

- High-speed mindset change

It is not enough to rely only on management knowledge, positive thinking, motivation, and will-power to true lasting changes quickly. In order to “Level-Up” you need to make changes on a subconscious level. You need to align your subconscious programs with your conscious goals.

Therefore, our Level-Up coaching program is less about acquiring new management knowledge and techniques. Neither is it important to understand how you acquired some of your limiting beliefs. We entirely focus on results, on finding and installing the supportive programs on a subconscious level. So that you will automatically display the right response and behavior for your specific situation or goal.

We use techniques such as NLP, Psych-K, Provocative coaching to attain the results you are looking for.

Expect being challenged and surprised during our coaching sessions. Expect to see results…fast.

Please contact us to learn more about the program, prices or to book a trial session.

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