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Are you looking for a team event that is fun and that will inspire your people to get out of their comfort zone? An event that aims to release the biochemicals that forge strong teams? Then look no further.


Our Tribe-building events are designed upon the innate capabilities and desire of people to create magical bonds among each other. This bonding happens when certain biochemicals such as oxytocin are released in the body and mind. Humans have always depended on collaboration for survival, we seek belonging, trust, group recognition and this so important brother & sisterhood. Achieving this in modern corporate life can be challenging and takes time. See our events as accelerators for this crucial process.

Our events are all about feeling, experiencing, and letting go. Feeling safe, feeling confident, feeling the support and trust of others. It is about being surprised about what you can achieve together. About letting go and trusting the process. The main ingredients we use to achieve this are nature, breathwork, music, ice and games. The outcome we aim for is that the participants feel this immense pride & joy of having accomplished something extraordinary together.


We have a standard formula, but our events can be tailor-designed in collaboration with you as well. We have half-day events, full-day, or even multiple day events.


Please contact us to learn about the content, price information, to book an event or to discuss the possibilities for tailor-designed events.

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