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Our mission

To teach people techniques so they can live healthier and more exciting lives. To help companies increase the energy levels and engagement of their people.

Our methods and tools focus primarily on the innate capabilities of the body and mind. Improving your biochemical body balances and directing the power of the subconscious mind to your full advantage.

These techniques are science-based, easy to learn and bring results fast.


Our services

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For companies

You are a leader, entrepreneur or responsible for managing a team. You care about your people and the long-term success of your company.

We can help your people to bond and connect again after all these months of homeworking. But also to become healthier, more performant and more engaged.

- Bond and connect

- Better deal with stress & discomfort

- Increase company engagement

- Inspire trust & collaboration in teams

- Unlock the potential of your leaders

For individuals

Full of energy or always tired? Lead or follow? Decide or doubt? Advance in life or stay stuck?

We can help you break through old patterns and teach you new techniques that will improve your health and mental strength.

- Strengthen your immune system

- Better deal with stress & discomfort

- Install beliefs that support your goals

- Improve sports performance

- Unlock your true potential

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The Level-Up sessions I did with B-YOU provided me the insights and tools to find the right release points regarding managing my team. The changes are subtle, but their impact is HUGE! Giorgio’s approach is grounded; he takes the time to listen and tailors his approach to my needs.

Executive manager at ING

I always felt a step closer to total change after each PSYCH-K® session. I would even say that small miracles happened after some of the sessions. He is professional and very friendly. Thank you very much for introducing me to this fun and effective method of personal development.

IT specialist at BIL

The Wim Hof Method workshop was amazing! I didn't know that breathing could influence me so much. Of course the ice bath was the ultimate challenge, I experienced that I am capable of so much more.

Business owner

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